Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many meals will be served?

Five meals, All-inclusive!

Friday night dinner, Shabbos breakfast, Seudas Shabbos, Shale'Shudis, and Sunday brunch.

2.  What/Who is the Kashrus?

Rabbi Lesches from Monsey.

3. How is Shabbos going to work?

We are offering a full Shabbos experience including: Halachically kosher eruv, candle lighting ceremony for women, scheduled davening's with Sefer Torah, great Chazanim, Fully catered glatt kosher shabbos meals, a pot-luck Shabbos party, comedy skit by day, & musical Havdallah ceremony. There will not be any scheduled musical acts from Friday at Sundown until Saturday night after Shabbos. 

While this is a Shabbos friendly event, not all guests will be observing. Please be respectful of each other by not smoking in communal areas/activities on Shabbos or videoing/photos at any of the events/activities over Shabbos. And for those keeping Shabbos, please don't impose your observance on others. This is a weekend that we are all coming together in unity, so let's respect each other.

4. Are there showers and bathrooms?

For those with the General Admission 3 Day Camping Pass, there will be public restrooms available at all times. Showers will not be provided.

For those with the 3 Day Cabin Pass, there are two bathrooms and two showers in each cabin.

5. What are the cabin accommodations?

They are a bunk-house style cabin with bunk beds that sleep up to 12 people. Each cabin has two bathrooms and showers. 

If you do purchase a cabin ticket, please bring bed sheets, pillow, & sleeping bag/towel.

6. Is there on-site parking?

Yes. There is a limited amount of parking spaces on-site. We recommend carpooling with friends so there will be room for everyone.

7. Is there mixed and separate swimming?

There will be separate times for men and women. All other times will be available to the public.

There will be a lifeguard by the pool.

8. EMT?


9. What will we need to bring for the weekend?

Please click here for the suggested packing list.

10. Will there be additional food available outside of the scheduled meals?

Yes. There will be additional concessions available for purchase. We suggest bringing some snacks for your own munching purposes.

11. When do the gates open and close?

Sababa Fest starts on June 9th at 10:00 am and the campgrounds need to be cleaned and cleared by 5:00 pm on Sunday, June 11th.

12. Who did all the graphics and artwork?

Shmueli Bell. Check him out!!

13. Are there volunteer opportunities?

Yes. We are looking for some responsible, reliable, fun, and energetic volunteers to help during the event. Jobs may include: registration, helping cars parking, clean-up, etc.. Volunteers should either be able to arrive on Thursday, June 8th or stay late on Sunday.

We also are looking for gifted individualizes who would like to share their talent with others through workshops or other fun activities. Please email us at

If we did not answer your question, please contact us at